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Direct Bill FAQ

Agile Underwriting Solutions offers monthly payment plan and payment in full for our Direct Bill policy holders. Payment plans are provided through our partnership with First Insurance Funding of Canada

Question: What is minimum premium to go on payment plan?
Answer: Policy premium must be $350

Question: How do I get a quote for a First Canada payment plan?
Answer: That will depend on the policy itself. See details below:

New Business Policies

  • All DB new business will have FIF quote generated automatically through our portal, whether client intends to pay in full or not!
    • Once new business quote is bound as DB policy, the portal will ask for client phone number, email and preferred payment date (Note that down payment is pulled within 2 days of plan processed and may not be on selected payment date)
    • Once client information inputted, select complete quote. Confirm all quote details and note that you can adjust preferred first due and select “UPDATE QUOTE FROM FIRST CANADA”
    • Once all information is good, select “COMPLETE QUOTE”.
    • You will be given a link to quote document or the esignature page. You will be able to download the pdf quote document to send to client, or select esignature page to get link to have client fill details out electronically.
    • Note that downloaded pdf quote can still be electronically completed or policy can be paid in full by credit card (service fee of 2.97%) by clicking “PAY NOW” button on page 1 of quote

Non FIF Canada Renewals – could be previous 1 pay or on Agile internal payment plan

  • If client hasn’t been on FIF previously, but wishes to go on payment plan, please email the following details to to have quote created:
    • Client Name
    • Annual premium amount
    • Policy number
    • Preferred Payment Date (a fee will apply if a change to the withdrawal date is required after plan is setup)
  • Note that pdf quote can still be electronically completed or policy can be paid in full by credit card (service fee of 2.97%) by clicking “PAY NOW” button on page 1 of quote

FIF Renewals

  • If your client had a FIF plan last year, we will renew the payment plan as policies are renewed in the portal. Unless emailed changes, we will renew with all the same information as the past year.
  • First will only process new payment plan when there is 1 or less payment left on last year's plan! They will send out the Notice of Acceptance for the new term once this occurs, and we will forward to brokers!

Question: What does FIF require to process a quote and set up a payment plan?
Answer: First requires client void cheque or banking information filled in on page 2 and a client signed quote on page 3. Note that broker signature is NOT required.

Question: Do brokers need to sign the FIF quote?
Answer: No! Unfortunately this field can’t be removed, but is not required for brokers to sign!

Question: Where do I email the completed FIF quote if my client completes manually?
Answer: Please forward completed quotes to

Question: Do I still need to email the documents if client completes quote electronically?
Answer: No, if quote is completed online or electronically, it will send to FIF once completed.

Question: What is the cost of a payment plan?
Answer: The monthly payment plan interest rate is charged by FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada. The rate is based on current market conditions, risk factors, and loan terms. The rate will be listed on each quote and remains fixed for the duration of the loan

Question: Does the broker collect the client down payment mentioned on the quote?
Answer: No, please do NOT collect down payment – FIF will withdrawal down payment and/or outstanding past due installments from client account within 2 days of receiving completed quote.

Question: Can I set up a payment plan past the effective date or late?
Answer: Yes, but note that FIF will withdrawal down payment and/or outstanding past due installments within 2 days of receiving completed quote. Please warn client about these upfront payments due.

Question: Do brokers get sent Notice of Acceptance (NOA) once plan is set up?
Answer: No, currently FIF sends NOA to only Agile and the client. We will forward NOAs to brokers for your records. Please note it’s important to keep client information current, as FIF will send documents by email or postal mail to client – email is the faster option!

Question: Can my client pay in full for DB policy?
Answer: Yes, we have several options, like:

  • Credit card (service fee of 2.97%) – Go to select No Policy Payment ID and fill in client information to make payment
  • Cheque – Please make out to Agile Underwriting Solutions and mail to Suite 1000 – 9850 King George Blvd, Surrey, BC, V3T 0P9
  • Bill payment from selected instutitions – BMO, RBC, Tangerine, PC Financial and most credit unions – Payee= Guardian Risk Managers and account# is policy number starting at 5

If none of these work, feel free to take payment yourself and forward to us via a broker cheque!

Question: What happens if my clients payment goes NSF once payment plan is set up?
Answer: What happens if my clients payment goes NSF once payment plan is set up?

  • If down payment is not received by due date a Notice of Recission is sent cancelling the payment plan
  • If we can’t figure out payment method within 5 days, Agile will move forward with cancelling the policy
  • If there is an NSF or returned payment during plan a Notice of Intent to Cancel is sent to Agile. Agile sends these out daily to the broker advising the policy will be cancelled unless payment is corrected by due date (15 days provided to correct)
    • If payment is not received within 15 days from when the NoIC was sent a Notice of Cancellation is sent to Agile, broker and client and the policy is cancelled
    • Late payments are subject to a $50 NSF fee and a 5% delinquency fee which is only applicable on late installments, not on the down payment. (The 5% delinquency fee can be waived in some circumstances but is there to prevent insureds with larger premiums paying late
    • If a past due payment is made after issuance of the cancellation, then a Notice of Request to Reinstate is sent to Agile and if the Underwriter agrees to reinstate the finance contract will continue as originally agreed

Question: Can my client choose to pay out payment plan midway through year?
Answer: Yes, email us if and when this occurs and we will get a payout balance owing to First and can provide proper payment methods?

Question: My client wants to adjust the payment date of monthly payments – is this possible?
Answer: This is possible, but FIF does charge a fee for this ($35 as when this FAQ was written but subject to change without notice). We recommend ensuring quote is set up for preferred dates from beginning to avoid this issue

Question: What happens if my client on payment plan has an endorsement?
Answer: Positive or negative endorsements may be added to a FIF plan if there are more than 3 payments left. If there are less than 3 payments, reduction in premium can be returned to client via cheque, or premium increases must be paid in full.

Question: Can my client pay their monthly payment from their credit card?
Answer: Unfortunately, clients cannot pay via their CC for their monthly payments. FIF will only debit a bank account for payment. Clients are welcome to pay in full via credit card

For any other questions, please contact